Our Guiding Principles

In the best interest of all members, CANS is committed to an established set of Guiding Principles and Ethics Standards.

We believe in . . .
treating our members and staff with respect and fairness in a professional, consistent and open manner.

We believe in . . .

providing programs and services that meet member needs, are accessible, represent good value for money and are offered using first class facilities and technologies.

We believe in . . .

recognizing and rewarding those who contribute to our success and that of our industry.

We believe in . . .

keeping our members informed on current issues and promoting open discussion and decision-making.

We believe in . . .

speaking on behalf of our members on issues that are vital to the success of our industry.

We believe in . . .

fostering cooperation among construction professionals to continually improve industry standards and practices.

We believe in . . .

building our communities by fostering active support for the on-going needs of our communities.

We believe in . . .
fostering and promoting safety and environmental responsibility for the benefit of our members and their communities.


Our Ethics Standards

In an effort to maintain and enhance the level of professionalism within CANS, members are expected to conduct business in a fair and honest manner with skill, integrity and financial responsibility.

The following is a list of Ethics Standards that we uphold:

  • Negotiate in good faith
  • Honour agreements both verbal and written
  • Fulfil moral and legal obligations
  • Adhere to the highest quality expectations for their products and services

CANS members are expected to be responsible employers by:

  • Providing a safe work environment
  • Providing equitable and fair employment, contracting and purchasing practices
  • Supporting community and industry involvement of their people and resources
  • Being aware of their actions and their impact on the community
  • Abiding with laws and industry regulations that protect and enhance the community

It is anticipated that CANS members will follow these standards. Members who experience conduct inconsistent with these standards have the right to voice their concerns in writing to the CANS Board of Directors. The matter will then be investigated and responded to upon conclusion.

Our Members

You will find a complete list of CANS members online by navigating to About CANS > Membership Directory from the main menu system of our website, www.cans.ns.ca.

Our membership directory is also available in the CANS A-Z tab of the annual Nova Scotia Construction Guide. It is published annually, and distributed throughout the industry in the spring. Copies can be purchased by contacting CANS Dartmouth office.

Our Staff

CANS staff can be contacted at our Dartmouth head office by phone (902) 468-2267 or email cans@cans.ns.ca.

A complete list of our staff and contact information can be found in the Contact Us area of our website.