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Xradar Canada Inc
80 Eileen Stubbs Ave
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
B3B 1Y6
Company Description:
Xradar provides concrete scanning services, non-destructive testing (NDT), structural drawings, void & crack detection and corrosion mapping across Canada. We are leading provider of concrete scanning services and GPR in Canada, confidently guaranteeing scanning accuracy. Reducing concrete scanning errors to less than 1%, compared to the 25% typical for the scanning industry. We have developed the most advanced in-slab imaging in the form of Xradar providing the accuracy of x-ray, with the safety and efficiency of GPR. We are so confident in our technicians' ability to scan with accuracy that every Xradar scan comes with a guarantee.

Xradar Canada Inc performs the following types of services:

Concrete Sawing and Drilling,Survey Services